Thursday, July 14, 2022

13th of July 2022 - Arctic Circle

Today we were meant to visit Grimsey, the northernmost island of Island.  The Arctic Circle runs through Grimsey.  Sadly, the sea was too rough for us to take tenders to Grimsey Island and Le Bellot was too big to dock there.  Instead the ship circumvented Iceland so Ruth and I have been within the Arctic circle.  We took a few pictures of coastline on our way south again.


In the afternoon we headed for the main lounge to listen to Ilona sing and play the piano.  She was very good and played some contemporary music, e.g. from Adele and Coldplay.  They do some wonderful non-alcoholic cocktails on board which Ruth and I have been sampling.

In the evening we had another dinner in the restaurant.  We are being fed far too much and I am dreading getting on the scales when I return home.  In the meantime I shall just enjoy.

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