Wednesday, July 20, 2022

18th of July 2022 - Return to Reykjavik and Puffins

Today we docked in Reykjavik and returned to our hotel.

In the afternoon we took a one hour excursion by boat to Akurey Island, home to puffins and other native seabirds.  Sixty percent of the world’s puffins breed in Iceland.  Puffins are relatively heavy birds and remind me of RAF Hercules transport aircraft when flying.    In order to fly they need to flap their wings at up to 400 beats per minute, reaching speeds of 55 mph.  Puffins can dive 200 feet below the ocean surface, flapping their wings as if they are flying underwater.  We saw loads of puffins however my camera battery ran flat.  The photo is kindly courtesy of Ruth.

In the evening we visited a hotel restaurant buffet including Icelandic specialities.  The reindeer pâté was excellent.

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