Monday, November 19, 2018

12th November 2018 - Wat Hanchey

Wat Hanchey is a hilltop complex of temples where novice monks are trained.  Most people walked up the hill to the temple complex however I joined some others in going via tuk tuk.

We asked questions through our guide to an 11 year old novice monk.  It was obvious which questions he was happy to answer and those he was not.

The temple complex includes a number of strange fruit and animal statues.

There were some excellent Mekong views from Wat Hanchey.

In the afternoon I decided to make use of the pool again.

Sometimes I didn’t have to go far to see local life.  The following picture of a fisherman was taken from my cabin.  He wasn’t very successful in catching fish.

The day ended with a special dinner for us to say farewell to the cruise portion of our holiday.  Most of the people shown are British however two Australians snuck in and my friend Ruth is now a Canadian citizen. 

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