Sunday, February 12, 2017

12th February 2017 - My 60th birthday

Today was my 60th birthday so we headed off to a ski lodge called Chateau Montebello in Quebec province.  It was quite a way to go especially since we had to follow a detour due to an accident.

We had a lovely meal while watching the show fall through the window of the restaurant.  The brunch offered was extensive to say the least.  I even had some freshly carved bison.

The Chateau Montebello restaurant kindly gave me a special dessert as it was my birthday.

On the way back the snow was really coming down and we passed another couple of accidents; my picture does not do the fall of snow justice.  I felt sorry for Andy having to drive in the bad weather even if it is normal for this area of Canada.

In the evening Ruth and I broke off our packing to sample my chocolate birthday cake (what other sort is there) and have some champagne.

I doubt there will be any blog entry tomorrow as Ruth and I are flying from Montreal overnight to Buenos Aires.  Andy is taking us to the airport.  We are all hoping the roads are passable.

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