Wednesday, February 15, 2017

13th February 2017 - En route from Montreal to Buenos Aires

Monday the 13th February was interesting to say the least.

Andy made good time taking us to Montreal to catch our first flight of the day which was from Montreal to John F. Kennedy airport in New York.  We were then going to connect with a second flight to Buenos Aires.  Unfortunately we found our flight to JFK airport has been cancelled.  Thankfully we had set off early for Montreal because of the snowy weather.  We managed to book ourselves on a delayed flight to JFK airport that was leaving at the same time as our original flight.  Thankfully Andy stayed around until everything was sorted.  The rebooking of flights was far from simple as we had been bumped onto flights on the 14th February which was the day after we intended to travel to Buenos Aires.    The big issue seemed to be getting us back onto the 13th of February Buenos Aires flight.  We spent at least an hour waiting for the check-in assistant to sort everything out.  At least I managed to get us seating with extra leg room on this flight.

As we were boarding the Montreal to JFK flight I had a shock when the flight attendant just went "over there" gesturing to my cabin bag.  To say she was rude was an understatement.  In blind panic I pulled a carrier bag out of my handbag to put my PC and critical medication in.  Even my camera was left in the ex-cabin bag.  I have never come across valet loading of cabin baggage before.  The flight went from bad to worse when Ruth and I found there wasn't any water in the toilets to wash one's hands.  All American Eagle had provided was some wipes.  I was relieved to get off the plane and be reunited with my cabin bag.  By this time Ruth and I were exhausted and pretty stressed out.

One thing I will give JFK credit for is that my wheelchair was there ready to meet the plane and with my name on a clear sign.  The wheelchair was most welcome as it was a very long way from the gate where we landed to the gate where we were to take off from Buenos Aires.  Boarding the Buenos Aires flight went smoothly and I retained possession of my cabin bag.  We received the treatment expected of a major airline.  Ruth and I picked up after a hot meal and knowing we were on schedule for being picked up by our tour company in Buenos Aires.  We even managed to starting to write a draft of this edition of our blog.  The only downside was that no wheelchair was waiting for me when we arrived at Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires immigration was problem free but it took us quite a wait for our baggage.

Hopefully my next blog will be back to happier times and pretty pictures.

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