Friday, February 10, 2017

10th February 2017 Ottawa

I am spending from the 5th February to the 6th March in Ottawa with my friends Andy, Ruth and Dariel in order to celebrate my 60th birthday.  Just after my birthday Ruth and I are going on a big adventure, more information will follow in future blogs.

It is seriously cold here, today was -17 degrees Celsius with a wind chill factor of -25 degrees Celsius.  Most of the time this is fine but when the wind chill gets you then you know about it.

Today Ruth and I went downtown.  The following picture shows people skating on the Rideau Canal.  Hand-made Beavertail pastries, a uniquely Canadian tradition,  are served up in kiosks on the canal but can be bought elsewhere during the rest of the year.

Afterwards Ruth and I went to see the ice sculptures.  I would have loved to see the sculptors carving the ice statues as some of them were very intricate.  A couple of pictures office sculptures follow.

I was thrilled to get a few halfway decent photos as I have been getting medical help to control a tremor.

After we had visited the ice sculptures Ruth and I went to the Lord Elgin Hotel to warm up with a coffee.  We picked this particular venue because my mother and I had spent a night at the Lord Elgin in September 1987.

Ruth and I ended up our trip with lunch in the Byward Market area.  We both had savoury crepes which I followed by cheesecake.  Ruth had a quite spectacular individual chocolate fondue.

This afternoon Andy took me to Canada Computers to get a connector that enables me to use my ancient mouse with my laptop.

Well this is all for tonight folks.

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