Thursday, December 28, 2023

28th of December 2023 - Nuremberg World War II Art Bunker

Today we visited an art bunker in the ancient bedrock cellars under Nuremberg Castle.  This was established shortly after WWII began to store the city's most important art treasures..  The bunker is as much as 80 feet underground which meant that the art treasures survived the heavy air raids intact.

This last picture taken in the bunker shows some of the bombs and incendiary devices that had rained down on Nuremberg during WWII.

Our final visit of the day was to St. Sebaldus-Kirche, Nuremberg's oldest church, which was consecrated in 1273.  It  houses the shrine of St. Sebald, a hermit who, legend has it, was son of a Danish king who married a French princess and abandoned her on their wedding night to answer the call and come to the forests around Nürnberg to preach Christianity.


A centrepiece of St. Sebaldus-Kirche, is St. Sebald's tomb which is a brass monument that took 11 years to build.

A Coventry Cross of Nails  is a Christian cross made from iron nails, employed as a symbol of peace and reconciliation.  The original version was made from three large medieval nails salvaged from Coventry Cathedral after the building was severely damaged by German bombs during WWII.  Several hundred of these crosses have been given as gifts to various organisations, including St. Sebaldus-Kirche.  The nails in the cross are said by some to echo the nails with which Christ was affixed to the cross.

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