Friday, December 22, 2023

22nd of December 2023 - Nuremberg in the rain

Nuremberg  is the largest city and unofficial capital of the entire cultural region of Franconia.  It is also the second largest city in the German state of Bavaria.  The city is surrounded on three sides by the Reichswald, a large forest.  In the north lies Knoblauchsland (which translates to “garlic land”), an extensive vegetable growing area and cultural landscape.
My room has a view of the Spittlertor forming part of Nuremberg's Altstadt city walls.

Today I spent a few hours walking around the Altstadt despite it pouring down with rain, this possibly being the tail end of Storm Pia.  My first priority was to find stamps and postcards.  The hotel didn't have the number of stamps I wanted so I walked along Nuremberg's Altstadt city walls to find the post office.  The post office would only sell stamps in strips of ten so I will be sending a few more postcards this trip.

I then went back into the old city which has many lovely old buildings.

There were some Christmas market stalls in the Altstadt but they were not well frequented because of the weather.  Many of the stalls were shut.

By the time I bought postcards my trousers were soaked due to the rain was running off my coat.  The chilly wind didn’t improve matters so I headed back to my hotel to change and have something to eat.  I had my first glass of German beer which the waiter was proud to tell me was one of the beers brewed for the Munich beer festival.  It was good.

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