Tuesday, December 26, 2023

25th of December 2023 - Christmas Day in Bamberg

Today we visited the medieval city of Bamberg, a UNESCO world heritage site, lying on the Regnitz River in Bavaria.  I forgot to bring my camera so the first three pictures supplied in this entry are sourced from the internet.

Our walking tour of Bamberg initially took us past the district in Bamberg's Island City known as Little Venice.  This district is characterised by half-timbered buildings squashed together along the riverbank.

We walked up through the medieval streets to the Altenburg castle which dates back to at least 1109.

The rest of this entry shows pictures of medieval Bamberg taken by Nizme , a woman from Puerto Rico who is also on the cruise.  It was very kind of her to send me her photos.

At the end of the guided walk some of us stopped to sample the local glühwein before returning to the coach.

In the evening some of the crew sang Christmas carols to us in the lounge.

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