Friday, December 22, 2023

21st of December 2023 - Arrived in Nuremberg to join an almost Christmas Markets cruise

Today I flew to Nuremberg to join a Christmas Markets cruise from Nuremberg to Frankfurt.  Actually most of the Christmas markets close on the 23rd of December so the name of this cruise is rather a misnomer.  I just fancied doing something different this Christmas.

Heathrow was very festive looking with umpteen Christmas trees and decorations.  I had been warned by British Airways that there may have been delays to my flight because of Storm Pia but my flight left on time and arrived fifteen minutes early because of a tail wind.  The landing at Nuremberg airport was quite turbulent.

My hotel for two nights is within the old walls of Nuremberg.  It was late when I arrived so I spent my evening just relaxing.

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