Sunday, May 12, 2019

2019-05-10 Opatija – Istrian Riviera

We visited Opatija which isn’t many miles from Louvran.  It was the original town in the Istrian Rivera.  Our tour guide Avadka told us that Opatija means abbey though I saw no sign of an abbey though we did visit a lovely little church where I lit a candle for friends and family.

Until the 1840s Opatija was a tiny fishing village with 35 houses and a church.  The building of the Villa Angiolina which hosted many European aristocrats (including the Austrian queen Maria Anna, wife of emperor Ferdinand I).  This sealed Opatija’s classy reputation.  Today Opatija remains a resort that's very popular with German and Austrian seniors.

We walked around Opatija when I took the following photos of the villas and along the seafront.

Our last stop was at a chocolatier where they gave us some beautiful handmade chocolate of a disc of dark chocolate.  This was topped by a white chocolate cup containing a champagne truffle and a milk chocolate spoon.  Some extra milk chocolate was also available.  Then a white and milk chocolate fountain was switched on for us.  I have added a few more pictures.

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