Wednesday, May 17, 2023

16th of May 2023 pm - Moving on to Austria and it's culture

We left Bratislava and crossed into Austria by coach, reboarded our ship in Hainburg.  We arrived in Vienna late afternoon.

 Enroute to Vienna we were given a short introduction to the waltz by two Austrian dancers.  The dancing seemed more balletic than that which I have watched on Strictly Come Dancing but beautiful none the less.


After dinner we were taken to the Palais Albert in Vienna for a private Mozart and Strauss concert.  This concert was given by the Salon Virtousen musicians accompanied by baritone and soprano opera singers from the Vienna State Opera.   The music and singing were absolutely spectacular and I spent the concert with a permanent smile on my face.  Sadly the photos I took were too poor to publish so I have chosen a picture from the Salon Virtousen showing the ensemble in the Palais Albert.

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