Wednesday, May 17, 2023

16th of May 2023 am - A very wet morning in Bratislava

This morning’s visit was to Bratislava which has been Slovakia's capital since the country's independence in 1993.  We saw much communist style buildings as we cruised into the city.  The rain was absolutely tipping it down.

Bratislava Castle, the landmark overlooking the Capital, was built in the 9th century. As an agelong symbol of the city, it proudly stands on the hill above Danube river. Eleven kings and eight queens were crowned in Bratislava in the past.


We spent the morning walking around the medieval and Gothic old town of Bratislava which is overlooked by the castle.  The following photos were taken on this walk. 

Bratislava Old Town has a number of amusing statues around of which Cumil is the most famous. Cumil is a bronze representation of a man who is working on the sewers and has just popped his head up to get some air.

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