Tuesday, February 7, 2023

7th of February 2023 - From Gatwick to Aqaba

Ruth and I left Gatwick airport for Aqaba in Jordan this morning.  At Gatwick we were bussed out to the plane and boarded by an ambi=lift.  The reverse procedure occurred in Aqaba.  Please excuse the blurred picture however my mobile phone is playing up.


As we landed at Aqaba we saw that inland was quite mountainous.  It was lovely watching the sunset on the mountains as we came in to land. The trip to our hotel was on almost empty roads lined with palm trees.

The hotel we are staying is all we could wish  Apparently Ruth and I are entitled to free drinks and canapes in the bar from 6-8pm.  Ruth's "canapes" turned out to be an enormous freshly baked pizza with rashers of bacon on it.  My "canapes" were two burgers with chips.  There was music in the bar and the DJ was taking requests.  It was surreal sitting in a hotel in Jordan listening to my request of Jethro Tull's Aqualung.

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