Monday, February 13, 2023

12th of February 2023 - Hurghada and a celebration

Today we arrived in Hurghada which is an Egyptian city located on the coast of the Red Sea.  Tourism is the city's main industry.  Hurghada is a popular destination for tourists and Egyptian bathers.  The city is considered to be a paradise for sports and recreational divers.

Ruth and I started the day with a cocktail making demonstration onboard.  Sen made three delicious cocktails of which everyone was given samples.

After lunch Ruth and I took the shuttle bus into Hurghada city centre.  My main mission was to buy stamps and send off the postcards I had written.  There was little else for us to do in Hurghada but we did notice a Costa Coffee near where the shuttle bus dropped us off.

We gave the Costa Coffee a miss and spent some time in a hotel bar by the beach.  Ruth thought she was ordering a hot ginger tea but ended up with a gin and ginger alcopop.  I had my first Egyptian beer which was decent.

To celebrate my birthday the ship's hotel director Chris joined Ruth, myself and four other passengers for dinner.   Another couple joined us later on.  Chris arranged a medley of starters for the whole table which included some particularly yummy giant shrimp.  There was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  I shared out my birthday cake with everyone on the table.

After dinner Ruth and I went to watch an Egyptian dancing troupe.  The irony was not lost on me that the belly dancer was framed by the minarets of a mosque.  The lights of one of the minarets is showing in the top left of the picture.

I rounded off the day with a rather superb espresso martini as my after dinner coffee.

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