Saturday, February 18, 2023

17th of February 2023 - Relaxing prior to flying home on the 18th

I had intended to do a day trip on my last full day of our holiday however both Ruth and I had run out of energy after all the excursions on the cruise.  We decided to recharge our batteries at our hotel instead.

The most energetic thing we did was head down to the jacuzzi again.  Apparently it is half term here in Jordan so there were quite a few Jordanian families enjoying the jacuzzi and pool.  One woman went into the jacuzzi fully clothed as shown in this picture.

The hotel has its own beach however there were still security men patrolling from time to time whom I decided not to photograph.

My last lunch was Chicken Shawarma which is a traditional Middle Eastern dish of spiced chicken in a wrap.  The wrap was much more delicate than the wraps one usually gets in the UK.  Again there was too much food as it also came with fries and a salad.  I must admit I am uncomfortable about the waste but there is no way I can eat all of the enormous portions.  In the evening I just didn't order any food.

I took one last picture which was the view from our balcony for this stay at the hotel.

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