Thursday, February 9, 2023

9th of February 2023 - Leaving Aqaba for Egypt

Today we left our hotel and boarded our cruise ship the Emerald Azzurra which we seen for the last couple of days from our hotel room.  Now we could see our hotel from the ship. 

The trip from the hotel had been rather chaotic however we eventually made it on board for the welcome drink and a presentation of what the cruise was going to offer.

There was a good view of the mountains above Aqaba from onboard the ship.  At certain times of day, we could hear the calling to prayers from the mosque.


We were taken for a tour round the ship including a visit to the bridge where we met the captain.

Afterwards we settled in our cabin before going down to dinner.  We met a couple of people joining the cruise back at Gatwick Airport.  Peter and Shirley are from Norfolk and joined us for dessert.  It had been Peter’s birthday shortly before the cruise so he was brought a cake with a candle in it.  Some of the dining staff sang Happy Birthday to Peter then the four of us all had a piece of the birthday cake.  This was on top on the ice-cream sundae I had already had for dessert.

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