Thursday, March 9, 2017

27th February 2017 - The end of the journey home

Ruth and I landed at JFK in New York at 7.38am.  Our flight to Montreal was at 9am which was tight but theoretically possible.  This was until we discovered that we had to clear US immigration and customs with our cabin baggage.

Our Buenos Aires flight was met by a wheelchair attendant for me called Alma clutching an orange express connection containing new boarding passes for the Montreal flight.

Alma whisked us through the airport processes and we made it to the gate on time.  She was amazing.  Ruth was also a star dealing with the luggage.

After all that there was a technical problem with the plane which caused about a delay of about an hour in the flight taking off.

Ruth and I were relieved to arrive at Montreal airport and meet up with Andy who drove us home to Ottawa.

The temperature in Ottawa was much colder than in Antarctica.

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