Thursday, April 4, 2024

1st of April 2024 - Isle of Man

I flew out to the Isle of Man on Easter Monday to attend a memorial event for a friend.  The event was organised by my friend's branch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

Our flight out was on an ATR 42/72 turboprop aeroplane.  I had booked my seat however the cabin crew rearranged where some passengers, including me, were sitting.  This was to balance the distribution of weight with the aircraft for take-off as, if passengers are seated unevenly throughout the cabin, this can affect the aircraft's balance, potentially causing handling issues for the pilot.

We landed at Ronaldsway airport and headed into Douglas where we were staying at a hotel on the promenade. On our way into Douglas the bus driver told us to must greet the fairies as we crossed the Fairy Bridge.  A superstition associated with the Fairy Bridge is that it is considered bad luck not to greet the fairies as they cross it.

Our stay on the Isle of Man started with a visit to the Albert to sample some Manx beer.

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