Thursday, April 4, 2024

3rd of April 2024 - Peel

The memorial event was held in Peel on a day when the weather was absolutely foul with wind and rain.  Peel is the third largest town on the Isle of Man after Douglas and Ramsey.  Despite the weather we managed to spend a couple of hours wandering around the town and along the seafront.

We eventually escaped from the weather into the Leece museum dedicated to the local history of Peel.  One exhibit in the museum was the last birching stool to be used in Peel in the 1880s.

Leece museum also had a display of classic motorcycles. 

On my return to Douglas I walked along the seafront.  The beach is very different to the one at Peel.

The Isle of Man was Norman Wisdom's adopted home.  Outside my hotel there is a bronze statue of Sir Norman Wisdom sitting on a bench.  We ended the day with a drink in Sir Norman's bar.

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