Wednesday, October 11, 2023

11th of October 2023 - Levada walk

Levadas are irrigation channels or aqueducts on Madeira that were originally built to carry water from the mountains to agricultural areas.  Madeira has more than 3,000km of these irrigation channels.  Today, they are used for both irrigation and as popular hiking paths.  Many of the levadas are very accessible with a path next to the water channel.  We walked along one of the levadas for about 7km.


The levadas have gates which allow control over the flow and distribution of water along the channels. They can be opened, closed, or adjusted to regulate the amount of water flowing through the levadas, ensuring efficient irrigation and water management for agricultural purposes.


There was a wide variety of flowers along the levadas which made for a lovely walk.

I ended my day with another swim before getting ready for dinner.

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