Tuesday, October 10, 2023

9th of October 2023 - Arrival in Madeira

I have flown to Funchal to spend a week exploring Madeira as part of a group tour for singles.  Unfortunately my camera and mobile phone were in the overhead locker when taxiing out to the runway.  Once in the air I had fantastic views of Heathrow from the sky and also Windsor Castile.  I had retrieved my mobile phone during the flight and took some pictures of Madeira as we were landing.  My first impressions of Madeira is that it is very mountainous with little flat land.


My hotel is on the seafront and a reasonable walking distance from Funchal city centre.  The view from my balcony is spectacular.


In the evening I met some of my 33 fellow group members who seem to be excellent company also our tour representative Chris for dinner.  Most of the group are women though there are 4 four men.

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